No one can find inner peace except by working, not in a self-centered way, but for the whole human family.

Mildred Lisette Norman – Peace Pilgram

The end of August brought the festival of Luna to Circus Maximus in ancient Rome. Luna is revered because she is visible to all as she drives her chariot across the night sky. Her crown is the crescent moon. Her journey is the eternal pursuit of peace. The chariot races looping the Circus Maximus track are analogies for her never-ending quest. Priestesses attend her temple which opens to the night sky for devotees to share her journey.

Last night, I saw the crescent moon rise over the setting sunset. Just as it may have done to kick off the Luna festival thousands of years ago. The pursuit of peace as an eternal struggle came to mind. It’s easy to get caught in thinking of the end game as an eternal state of world peace. Resulting in disillusionment with this impossibility of the idea. However, when we reframe the pursuit of peace as our daily purpose things shift. We can embody the idea and act accordingly.

Here are 3 ways To pursuE peace through action in your daily life:

  • Live to Give: Whenever you find yourself with a compelling “need” to get something, whether it’s attention, a new car, or a night on the town – pause and examine if underneath that there is an emotional need that can be satisfied just as well by giving of yourself in some way.
  • Start Where You Are: What are the things in life that tug at your heart and call you to make some small difference?  Move those up on the priority list.
  • Make Space in Your Life & Mind: Often our thoughts and lives are cluttered with ideas and obligations that take up space – but no longer serve us. Take inventory of what matters and release the rest.

Note: Mildred Lisette Norman (quoted above) approached peace as a journey. She walked alone across the US for 28 years (from the age of 44 until her death at 72) facilitating conversations about peace. The ideas above stem from a transcript of her talk, “Harmonious Principles for Human Living” which can be downloaded here.