Step into your authentic truth, because your truth will light up the world.

Gabby Bernstein



The Vissudha Chakra maps to our voice and resonates through our self-expression. Although society provides a constant stream of inputs as to how you “should “conform engaging with the Throat Chakra helps you align with your truth. Plus, this gives you an opportunity to renew your commitment to living life authentically. Above all, these rituals can help to wash away the narratives that diminish the light of our true nature.

Significantly, today (8/8) is Lion’s Gate. It’s an important day in contemporary spirituality. An annual celestial event where Sirius rises at dawn in alignment with the Sun and the Earth. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. It’s twice as bright as any other star we see. In fact, it’s over 20 times brighter than our sun! Because it’s eight light-years away the sun appears much brighter to us. For the ancient Egyptians, the rising of Sirius at dawn was the personification of the Goddess Sopdet. With it, she signaled the approach of the annual flooding of the Nile River Valley – bringing renewal and a fresh start to the year. Each year the sun blocks Sirius from sight for 70 days. When she emerges she is so bright she can be seen shining before the sun rises.

Plus, Sirius comes from the Greek “seirios” meaning glowing or sparkling. All in all, it is an excellent time to align with your truth and let your light shine through.


  • Run through the Sprinklers: Let loose and metaphorically wash away the “shoulds” with a romp through the sprinklers. Use the chance to release stress as you giggle and squeal and scream. (Please be mindful of the drought, though.)
  • Find your Mantra: Grab a paper and pen and write “I am …” Next, populate the page finishing the sentence as a younger you like I am silly, I am fancy, I am a puzzle master, or a princess dinosaur (true things my grandchildren have told me they are). Pick the one that resonates and write it on your bathroom mirror with your favorite lip gloss. Channel that inner spark as you wash up at the start of the day and come back to align with your truth every time you reapply your lip gloss.
  • Be the Light: As you are transitioning from one part of your day to another take a moment to come back to yourself with this simple meditation. You can do it just about anywhere including in your (parked) car. Come to an ocean breath, soften your eyes, and cup your hands in front of your face. Imagine you are holding a lit candle. Focus on envisioning the flame. Inhale the flame and visualize the sparkle being carried into your lungs and through your bloodstream.