For everything on this journey there is a right-wing and a left-wing. For the wing of pain there is healing. For the wing of judgement there is grace. For hate there is love. For fear there is destiny. Therein lies the balance. The miracle is in the unfolding of the wings.

C JoyBell C – Paraphrased

Isis is the daughter of earth and sky, protector of women, restorer of life, bringer of magic, and influencer of fate. Her story evolved over millennia. From her humble beginning as the wife of Osiris, she came to embody the cosmic order. As “Queen of the Universe” she balanced the movements of the celestial bodies and orchestrated the terrestrial seasons, ensuring the earth’s fertility.

At her peak, Isis is on par with Roman deities and is embraced throughout Europe and the Middle East. She is seen as the arbitrator of fate itself. Her lap is the throne. Her words are invocations. Her gestures become manifest. She appears with many crowns—sun, moon, falcon, horns, throne—changing them out to harness their different energies. Her wings are guardians. In the archaeological record, we see her portrayed with a star-studded bodice and wings stretched out in eternal loving protection.

Isis portrayal – 14th Century BC

How might we walk in the world if we saw ourselves as arbiters of fate? Our lap as a throne? Our words as invocations? Our gestures as mudras? Our outstretched arms as wings? What if we carried our heads high with virtual crowns just right for the challenge or occasion? Below is an intention-setting ritual to harness our energy and influence our fate.


  • Grab a pen and 2 sheets of paper and come to a comfortable sit in an uncluttered, peaceful, space. Soften your eyes and connect to yourself with long slow breaths – scanning your body from head to toe with each inhale/exhale.
  • When you’re ready come to pen and paper asking and answering these questions:
    • When are the times you are feeling challenged/exhausted? What virtual crown could you wear to help access the energy to help you through? (grace, love, healing, destiny…)
    • When are the times when your voice is diminished, you are frustrated, or your words are harsh? How would you deliver your message differently if you framed your response as an invocation?
    • Think of your body language when you are stressed. Are your hands in fists or are your arms crossed? What mudras could you use to change the energy? (gyan for insight, prana for life force, dhyana for inner peace…)
    • Imagine your lap as a throne and your arms as protective wings…what do you cherish most of all to hold there?
  • After you have asked and answered these questions turn to your second paper and make a simple sketch (see example below) of yourself seated with a mudra, wings, and your crown(s), write the name of your crown and your mudra, fill your lap full of what you cherish (written or drawn), and your voice bubble with your invocation.
  • Place your drawing where it is visible and keep these simple intention practices at the ready. Journal about any shifts in energy (or fate) you experience.