“Let’s fly high…I have reached a point in my life where I understand the pain and the challenges – and my attitude is one of standing up with open arms to meet them all. 

Myrlie Evers ~ Watch Me Fly

A few weeks ago, I was helping my Aunt sort through her vast collection of books, I showed her Myrlie Evers’ memoir, Watch me Fly, saying, “I think you want to keep this one.” “Yes,” she answered, “she was my friend.” My sweet, beloved Aunt passed on yesterday. I can not think of anyone who embodied positive vibrations as easefully as she did. She was always shining the beautiful light of her soul upon those in her presence with contagious optimism. She didn’t look on the bright side – she was the bright side. 

Myrlie was the wife of Medgar Evers, they worked together as civil rights activists. After Medgar was assassinated in 1963, Myrlie moved with her 3 children to Claremont. They met when my aunt showed up at her door to welcome her with open arms to the neighborhood. Myrlie continued to fight for justice in Medgar’s murder until there was a conviction in 1994 (31 years later) and Chaired the NAACP. In an NYT editorial last year she shared her motivation, “Don’t ever give up on those things that you believe in.” 

There were many calls yesterday to take action. To post only MLK quotes that we can work to embody – this is mine, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Here are a few daily practices to help us raise our vibration – so we too, can lead in love and light.

  • Find your Mantra: Find the words that will inspire you to live your truth and put them where they will great you each day. Tape it to your window or bathroom mirror, wear it on a bracelet, make it your screensaver. Repeat it to yourself every time you see it.
  • Make a Difference: Each of us can make a positive difference in the world in different ways. We can make a difference by being present and truly seeing each person we encounter. We can make a difference by setting an example. We can make a difference by shedding light on injustice wherever we encounter it.
  • Practice Metta: Metta or Loving-Kindness meditation seems easy, can be hard, and when practiced regularly will change the way we show up in the world. In essence, we meaningfully repeat to ourselves, “May I be safe, May I be happy, May I be free.” Then repeat again visualizing some being we care about, “May you be safe, May you be happy, May you be free.” Repeat again visualizing an acquaintance, followed by visualizing someone who is challenging, and in closing send it out to all living things. This can be a lovely bedtime ritual. I like to repeat it to myself every time I wash my hands.